Digital marketing solutions to improve your business’s online performance from Shiny Creative.

We can enhance your search rankings, drive more traffic to your website and boost your online presence. 

Shiny Creative provide SEO services, link building, digital PR and automated marketing solutions.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Shiny Creative provided SEO services to help your website perform better. Enhanced search engine rankings with our SEO services.

SEO Services

Improve where your website ranks on Google with search engine optimisation.

SEO Services

Shiny Creative provides a variety of tailored SEO services.
Shiny Creative link building services - we work with the latest white hat link building techniques to ensure your online profile grows in the correct way.

Link Building

Having good and useful links to other websites is a key factor in developing domain authority.

Link Building

Shiny Creative can help you build those all-important, authoritative, white hat links.
Shiny Creative offer digital PR and outreach services to help you raise the profile of your business online.

Digital PR

The creation of interesting articles for third party websites to help generate more traffic to your site.

Digital PR

Shiny Creative produces the articles that third party websites want to feature.
Shiny Creative digital automation services. We can help your business automate sales outputs including email marketing and social media sharing.

Digital Automation

Automated digital marketing solutions including email campaigns and social media output.

Digital Automation

Shiny Creative offers a range of automated digital marketing services.


In a nutshell, SEO services from Shiny Creative will help ensure your website ranks highly within all the popular search engines, including Google. With strong organic SEO, your business will be found online before your competitors.

Search engine optimisation is complex and ever-changing, so it’s very important to stay on top of it otherwise your search ranking will suffer.

Our organic search solutions include local SEO services, national SEO services, services to enhance mobile SEO, SEO services for start-ups, SEO for new websites and full, technical, SEO audits.

Introducing Shiny Creative SEO Services - we can help your business with local SEO, national SEO, Mobile SEO, SEO for eccomerce and much more.


Outreach and digital PR is all about getting newsworthy articles out there. These might be directly related to your business, however more often they will be thought leadership pieces or news of interest to your target audience.

Working with a variety of online portals, news and information websites and social media accounts with high followings, we have a strong network to call upon to help your business gain the additional online exposure it needs.

By integrating digital PR into our SEO services, link acquisition solutions and marketing automation, you’re business will develop an all-encompassing and well rounded digital marketing strategy.

Shiny Creative's digital PR and outreach services can help your business rocket to the top with higher search traffic, a better social media audiences and crucial white hat links to domains with high authority.
Shiny Creative can help your email marketing and social media account management by providing a range of digital automation services.


By setting up lead generation and automated marketing solutions we can help your business reach its target audience by scheduling when they will receive content and, importantly, what that content will be.

By building GDPR friendly contact lists and then providing affordable email marketing packages, you’ll be able to reach customers and prospects with special offers, discount codes, blogs and a whole host of other things.

In addition to email marketing, Shiny Creative can also help you schedule content across all of your social media platforms. No matter how or when your audience visits you online, you’ll always have something interesting for them to see.

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