Content marketing services to enhance your online presence from Shiny Creative.

SEO written content for websites, engaging blogs, photography, videos and a whole host of other shareable content. 

We produce the content that will keep your website up-to-date and your followers interested across your social media platforms.

Our Content Creation Services

Shiny Creative website content and website copywriting - SEO and semantic analysis to help improve your websites readability and organic SEO.

Website Copy

Copywriting for web pages to help improve search engine rankings whilst remaining highly readable.

Website Copy

Shiny Creative uses the latest SEO/semantic analysis tools to provide the best written content.
Shiny Creative blog writing, article writing and case study services - keep your website up-to-date and fresh in the eyes of the search engines with blogs by Shiny.


Blogs, case studies and news articles are a great way to keep your website up-to-date.


Shiny Creative provides informative and engaging written blogs, case studies and news articles.
Shiny Creative video and photography services - get the imagery on your website right with the best stock photos and also bespoke photography and videography services.

Photos & Videos

The images we produce can help enhance any website or social media account.

Photos & Videos

Shiny Creative offers a range of still and moving image solutions.

Other Content

Infographics, icons, opinion polls, quizzes and games are all easy-to-share engaging content.

Other Content

Shiny Creative can keep your website and social media up-to-date with a variety of content.


Copywriting and SEO focused written content can help turn your website into a powerful sales tool for your business. Interesting, well written and readable content, combined with the right keyword densities, will elevate your website.

The key aspects to great copywriting for websites include coming up with the information that the people surfing your pages want to read, whilst also appealing to the search engines, without being spammy.

Using the latest SEO and semantic analysis tools, Shiny Creative produces written website content that your users will enjoy and engage with. Of course, the search engines will love the content too, further improving your online rankings.

Shiny Creative offers the latest in SEO copywriting and semantic analysis to give your written website content readable and indexable text.
Blogs by Shiny Creative - we help businesses come up with interesting and engaging blog ideas, case studies and news articles that will help keep your audience coming back for more.


Blogs, case studies and news articles are great ways to keep your website up-to-date in the eyes of Google, whilst also giving existing customers and future prospects a reason to keep visiting your web pages.

Done well, this type of content can become a key part of your sales funnel and also help your business become a known and trusted authority within your specialist areas.

As well reducing bounce rates and improving your websites performance, blogs, case studies and news articles are also very easy to share across all of your social media platforms; further enhancing your online presence.


Great imagery can make or break the look of a website and can also add extra dynamics to great written content. With videos and vlogs also being so easy to share now, there are more and more opportunities to improve your online profile.

Our carefully curated team of photographers and videographers are experts in their fields and can create the perfect image content tailored to your specific applications. We can also provide the very best in stock photography too.

Whether you need one-off photographs and videos or have more complex requirements such as slide-shows or regular vlogs, we can make sure your online imagery is perfect.

Shiny Creative provides a host of other types of content too such as sharable quizzes and games, opinion polls, visual adverts and much more.


We don’t just stop at written content and traditional photography and videos either. There are so many other types of content that can be used to keep your website visitors and social media followers happy and engaged.

Shiny Creative can produce infographics, icons, opinion polls, quizzes and games, amongst a wide variety of other creative and fun content marketing services.

The great thing about all of the content marketing services we undertake, is how easy it is to share them across your website and all of your social media platforms. Quickly shareable interactive content, like quizzes and opinion polls, can be fun for your followers and also give you great insight as to what they want.

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